6 Best Tea Gifts For This Christmas

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Ahhhhh, the season of happiness, jingle bells, and warm mugs of hot chocolate is finally here. Christmas is the favorite holiday of almost everyone on earth, except if you are the green-colored fun-hating monster, the grinch. Along with choosing the best Christmas tree and tastefully decorating it, the biggest highlight of this holiday, and one that is expected eagerly by adults and children alike is GIFTS!!


It may be quite easy to pick gifts for children since they're always not so subtle in voicing their wishes. It's the adults that we take a long time trying to figure out what to buy. If you are also in a similar position wracking your brain over the millions of gifting options available in the market, don’t panic, we’ve got you! Whether it's a tea lover, fitness freak, or wellness newbie, these tea gifts are perfect for all.


  • Christmas Grandeur Tea Collection
  • To show your loved ones that you care, our Christmas Grandeur Tea Collection is a perfect gift. The box contains three delectable flavors, Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea, Rooibos Orange Herbal Tea, and Winter Spice Black Tea in see-through golden tins. This beautifully handcrafted green box with intricate gold foil is the best gift to give to your family and friends. Each of the flavors offers different health benefits to protect your body against the season's common ailments like cold, flu, throat coat, and even bloated stomach.


  • Christmas Novelty Gift Box
  • The Christmas Novelty Gift Box, with its premium reusable packaging, is the perfect thoughtful gift for all your friends and family. The three incredible flavors, Apple Cinnamon, Rose Lemon, and Turmeric Masala, are a must-have in anyone’s pantry. Not only do they taste fabulous but also add health benefits like helping detox your body, boosting your immunity, and supplementing as a natural energy drink. The process of brewing the tea in itself is a great self-care routine and one that can be enjoyed by anyone.


  • Christmas Gourmet Tea Gift Set
  • Two is always better than one, they say. Why a single gift when you can double their joy by giving this duo of our beautiful gift boxes? Featuring an assortment of six delicious flavors of green, black, and herbal tea blends, this gourmet tea gift box is the ideal way to delight your loved ones with great taste and good health. The herbs, fruits, and spices used in our teas are sourced from all over the world. With every brew, you will be able to taste the spicy, earthy taste and the deep aroma of our 100% natural ingredients.


  • Holiday Assorted Festive Tea Collection
  • Are you looking to give your friends a wide variety of flavored teas in a single pack? Well then, look no further than our Holiday Festive Tea Collection. Packed with four scrumptious flavors: Kashmiri Kahwa, Rose Lemon, Magic Melon, and Turmeric Masala, this collection is the only gift you will need to brighten your recipient’s chilly days while adding a huge dose of wellness to their lifestyle. Ring in the festive season with this unique set of teas that taste and feel good. The 28 tea blends in nylon pyramid tea bags come in individually wrapped food-grade sachets, which will ensure that they retain their flavor and richness.


  • 4 Seasons Party Gift Hamper
  • Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter, these four seasons each have a unique specialty attributed to them. It could be a smell, a feeling, or a taste. With our party hamper, we hope that you would be able to feel the essence of these seasons long after they’re gone. Gifting this to your loved ones is the best way to let them reminisce about the time that's passed by while also allowing them to look forward to it again.


  • Teaniru’s Most Exotic & Luxury Tea Collection - Executive Edition
  • If you are looking for a gift that exudes luxury at the first sight, our Executive Edition is your best choice. This carefully curated box includes 2 eco-friendly gold foiled tea gift boxes, 4 assorted zip lock pouches, 1 holiday festive tea collection, 1 mesh tea infuser, and 2 handmade cotton bags. This is the perfect way to extend gratitude to your boss, clients, partner, mentor, or even employees. It reflects your deep appreciation for their efforts and is the best way to celebrate this joyous season.


    Final Words


    Whether it's your family members, friends, or work colleagues, we have excellent gifting options for all of them. It is never too late to begin your wellness journey, and your gift may be an instrument for that change in someone’s life. So choose the right thing and live a happy and healthy life. We hope every one of you has a cheerful and merry festive season.

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