Teaniru teas are Aromatic, Exotic & 100% Natural

Being tea enthusiasts, our journey began by exploring the bespoke collection of tea blends throughout the world. From a casual wander to handpicked tastings, we went deep into the forays of tea analysis to discover the right formula for a perfect tea blend.

Our teas are Vegan, Sugar-free, Gluten-Free with No added Colors or Flavors. At Teaniru, you’ll find high-quality exotic & aromatic teas which help in Detox, Digestion, Relaxation, Sleep & Boosts Immunity & Energy, & more.

Why Teaniru?

Vegan, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free & No Added Colors or Flavors

Sourcing the rare

Our tea leaves are freshly picked and gather an intense aroma from the choicest tea gardens which translates into a characteristic flavor once brewed

Alchemy Of Blending

The finest quality leaves are sourced from auctions and private buying from select gardens after thoroughly examining for suppleness and freshness.

Bespoke Packaging

Our packaging is a celebration of art and traces the origins of our teas.

The Chemistry Of Flavors

A region’s climate, temperature, soil composition as well as elevation has an immense effect on the flavour and aroma of the leaves.

Our Commitment

As a tribute to celebrate this richness of culture, we treasure the role that tea cultivation plays in individual and community enrichment.

Deliver Deliciousness

We are packing up freshness. We make sure every 100gms of tea we send out are fresher and tastier.

Can we relax for a moment?

Can we relax for a moment? How do you plan to have quality time being indoors? Don’t miss out on one of the most lavish luxuries you can have at home: a spectacular tea. It is always a brilliant way to reconnect with your loved ones by inviting your household for tea at home. With no effort, create the memory and bring joy in just three steps: tear, dip, and sip.

From a sip to a swig of tea

Taste that you cannot resist to replenish Teaniru offers a gamut of Indian teas, with a list of black and green teas, alongside the option to have it iced or warm.

Improve your immune system

Herbal teas contain Ayurvedic ingredients that can help keep your immune system strong and healthy.

Stay younger than your peers

Tea contains antioxidants that could remove impurities caused due to pollution.

Keeps you stay fit

When consumed without sugar, tea can help you lose weight and maintain your fitness.

Helps to hold onto your smile

Tea alters the pH in your mouth that prevents cavities and decreases any tooth loss.