Our World

Inspired by Tradition, crafted with love, Perfected for Today.

Our Story
"Tea drinking is an experience. In the hustle of today’s life, we often forget life’s simple pleasures and tea is one of them.” - CEO, Teaniru.

Our journey began in just one firm belief- the art of drinking and savouring tea should be an experience for everyone to enjoy. With centuries of tradition and culture deeply rooted in it, tea is a beverage with so much transformative power. What other beverage but tea has the power to build connections and promote health whilst being delectable delicious! With this vision, we embarked on a journey to create healthy and delicious blends, and to give the plain old tea a refreshing make-over! Join us as we explore rich flavours, timeless rituals and endless possibilities of this ancient but humble beverage, on cup at a time!

Brand Purpose, Mission & Promise

Our purpose is to elevate tea-drinking experiences by offering exceptional, purpose-driven blends that are rooted in wellness and tradition. Our mission is to create teas that not only taste amazing but also promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We promise to use only the finest ingredients, sourced ethically and sustainably, ensuring a positive impact on our communities and the environment.

History - Tea Tradition & Tea Remedies

Tea has a rich history spanning thousands of years, with deep connections to tradition, medicine, and remedies. We honor this legacy by crafting tea blends that celebrate the ancient wisdom of tea as a healing and rejuvenating elixir. Our teas are purposefully formulated to offer an array of health benefits, carrying forward the time-honored practice of using tea for wellness.

Plantation - Source & Origin

Our tea leaves are sourced from the finest tea-growing regions around the world, handpicked for their exceptional quality and taste. We are committed to ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring the preservation of these cherished landscapes and the communities that call them home.

Art of Blending - Master Brewing Technique

20+ yrs of brewing practice, Purpose-driven formulation by food scientist & tea connoisseurs Our master blenders possess over 20 years of brewing practice, skillfully combining the art and science of tea blending. Working closely with food scientists and tea connoisseurs, we create purpose-driven formulations that offer a perfect harmony of taste, aroma, and health benefits.

Certified: Quality and Trust

Manufactured in FDA approved facility, Kosher Certified, USDA Organic, Zero Calories, Sugar-free, minority women-owned business Teaniru is proud to be a minority women-owned business, adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety. Our teas are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility and are Kosher Certified and USDA Organic. Each blend is calorie-free, sugar-free, and crafted to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Each blend is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that only the finest ingredients make it to your cup.


Using traditional techniques combined with innovative flavor profiles, we deliver unique and exceptional tea experiences with every sip.


This approach ensures that our teas are harvested at peak freshness and delivered to you with minimal delay!

Giving Back to the Community!

We Donate a Portion of Our Profits to Organizations that Promote Health & Wellness.