Welcome to Teaniru's Wellness Community!


We were struck by a thought! And we'd like to ask you the same thing! Tea was once believed to be a healthy drink, but are you drinking the right one?

You know what, 99% of the tea you consume is dusted and adulterated. Yes, you read that correctly! 

Tea was considered a medicinal drink in ancient history that cured almost all common ailments. But, the rare blends have been lost over time and we no longer consume a tea that was infused with a history that has been practiced for over 1000 years.


And that is precisely why we are here.

Our natural resources have been depleted by technological interventions, and we have forgotten how to access nature's therapeutic potential to heal common ailments in a life-like way.  As humans, we made a lot of compromises, and we shouldn’t be doing that again.

We aim to bring wellness teas that we believe heal the body naturally through our mission.  To bring you these 100% natural and incredibly delicious teas, a bunch of certified professionals, food scientists, wellness gurus, ayurvedic practitioners, and many more hardworking minds had put their heart & soul into the process. 

Being tea enthusiasts our journey started by exploring the world of tea blends. From casual wanderings to handpicked tastings, we went deep into the forays of tea analysis to discover the right formula for perfect tea blends. And here we are with a handful of startling blends that are rare and exotic, and absolutely healthy. 

Rather than reinvent the wheel, we are trying to take the real essence of long-lost formulas and work on improving them and deliver that straight into your hands. It is our pledge to do our best to enhance the power of these sacred formulas without sacrificing their real essence and meaning