Premium teas from Himalayas, Darjeeling & Nilgiris

We only offer organic & 100% natural teas that are collected from high-altitude tea plantations. And, all our blends are made of natural bits of Fruit, Spice, Herbs, Flowers. ZERO ADULTERATION - MAX BENEFITS

Healing Powers of Wellness Teas

Did you know back in the time, natural home remedies were used to cure common ailments?

Our super blends take you back to the roots.

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Super Teas for Balanced-Diet

Blended with natural bits of Fruits, Spices, Herbs & Flowers

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Thoughtful Gifts

Gift good health & wellness this season for your loved ones

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Served Over 500K Happy Cups

In a survey conducted by us, Gen Z opted for sweet and herbal tea equally at 67% while Millenials preferred fruit and herbal teas at 72% and 64% respectively.

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