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Rich in Antioxidants, L-Theanine,
Catechins, Polyphenols & Fluoride

(No CTC, Dust, or Broken Teas)

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Blended with natural Spice,
Herbs, Fruits & Flowers

(No artificial flavors or colors)

Pyramid Tea Bags

Perfect brew with an
Unparalleled tea experience

(No paper bag or Chemicals)

Your Natural Remedy

Bossts Energy & Immune, Supports Detox, Gut Health, Relaxation & Good Sleep

(No supplements or unhealthy practices)

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Natural teas for everyday Energy, Immune, Detox, Good Sleep, Relaxation & Overall Good Health

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Tea Success Stories

Customer Testimonials

Boosts Energy Naturally

"As a fitness trainer, it's crucial for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Rooibos Orange Tea has become my go-to drink for supporting heart health. Its refreshing taste and heart-friendly benefits keep me at the top of my game."


Carlos, Fitness Trainer, Houston

My Digestive Secret

"Helping clients with their dietary needs often involves trying new foods. Magic Melon Tea has been my go-to for digestive support, providing quick relief and a delicious taste. It's become an essential part of my well-balanced lifestyle."


Claire, Nutritionist, Minneapolis

Improves My Performance

"As a professional athlete, maintaining peak heart health is crucial. Rooibos Orange Tea has been my go-to beverage for its refreshing taste and heart-friendly benefits. It's an essential part of my daily routine, keeping me competition-ready!"


Mike, Professional Athlete, Los Angeles

My daily dose of calm

Being an ER doctor, stress is inevitable. Rose Lemon Tea has been my go-to for relaxation after a long day. The soothing aroma and flavor help me unwind and recharge, ensuring I can provide the best care for my patients."


Dr. Kevin, ER Doctor, Detroit

Simple Sleep Solution

"Running my own business often led to sleepless nights. Winter Spice Tea has been a game-changer, helping me relax, fall asleep faster, and wake up refreshed. My performance has improved, and I feel better equipped to tackle daily challenges!"


Jessica, Entrepreneur, New York

Very Refreshing Tea!

We received the Novelty Tea Gift Set. Very pleased with the flavors and enjoyed all of these three flavors. The tea was refreshing and the scent & taste was just wonderful. The product is high quality and we would definitely buy it again. This would be an ideal gift for holidays or to just enjoy a refreshing tea for yourself.


Brian, Elementary School Teacher, Portland

Good teas, Nice packaging

The Teaniru Gourmet Tea Gift Box is a great gift set for those looking for a high-quality selection of fruit, spice, and herbal teas. The gift set includes various loose-leaf teas.
The loose-leaf tea in this gift box is of high quality, and the taste of each one is nice, the aroma is also great. The gift box is nicely packaged, and it looks good.
Overall, the Teaniru Grandeur Tea Gift Box is a great gift set for anyone who loves tea.


Anna, Photographer, Las Vegas

Great Tea to start your day

This is a nicely packed, good quality of tea for the price. The Turmeric Masala flavor is fresh and aroma is so nice. Enjoyed each sip of my tea and its my first purchase. Haven’t tried all the flavors yet but the first flavor I tasted became my favorite.


Dr. Adam, Pharmacist, Phoenix

We promote sustainable farming practice

we work directly with farmers to source the high quality ingredients.




100% Natural
& Vegan


No Artificial