The Mood Altering Magic Of Tea

There are many ways to relax. Relaxing can quiet your racing mind and make you feel peaceful. Our body responds when we relax in the right way. One fine way to do this is to sit in a corner and sip a cup of tea. Sounds calming right?

 If you are looking for a warm relaxing drink with health benefits, the herbal blends from the shelves of Teaniru are in for you. The most important component of these blends is that it’s a restorative place you have claimed as your own. It helps to unwind and relax whenever you prefer. 

With no time to sit and think, our blends make relaxing easier for you by helping to soothe and calm the mind. Let’s have a look at these delicious blends that ease your soul.


When stress rushes in and demands too much of our energy, a calming daily ritual can be the perfect thing needed for the hour. Rose lemon herbal tea is a refreshing blend laced with hibiscus and citrus fruit peels that spirits up your mood. Rose is a flower that has varied uses. From decoration to providing health benefits, the rose plays the role of the queen. Citrus fruits, as a rich source of vitamin c with anti-oxidants, smooths the lines in the face. 

Rose and citrus blend perfectly well to stabilize the emotional ups and downs and balance the mind. The blend spreads an enchanting aroma that acts as an instant mood changer. This herbal drink helps to keep you charged the whole day and even helps in your workout regime. Infusions of green tea and hibiscus have a host of benefits which include building immunity and strengthening the hair roots respectively. This sweet, floral flavor is low in caffeine and alleviates symptoms of menstruation. Allow your day to get a little rosier with a calming cup of rose lemon herbal tea.


The winter spice black tea is infused with organic spices that offer herbal benefits. This herbal blend is warm by nature and is packed with anti-inflammatory compounds to relax the mind and soul healthily. Cinnamon, Cardamom, and ginger form an amazing blend to create a relaxing moment along with providing overall wellness. Black tea helps to de-stress and thus boosts heart health with its anti-inflammatory properties. The winter spices cinnamon, ginger and cardamom provide several health benefits. While Cinnamon is anti-viral and regulates blood flow, ginger helps in menstrual cramps and morning sickness, and cardamom aids digestion and treats bad breath. Snug yourself with a sharp, spicy, and sweet flavor in a healthy cup of winter spice black tea.


Doesn’t everyone like a refreshing, flavorful, and wise way to begin the day? But in today’s crazy world, anxiety plays a spoilsport in every aspect of life. Packed with antioxidants, green and black teas relax your mind and help to regulate blood flow and thus take care of your heart. Along with regulating sleep and lowering tension, the tea aids in digestion as well. The spicy cinnamon relaxes the muscles and helps you to drift off to sleep. The floral notes of the rose work well with the tart acidity of citrus that lifts your spirits along with adding various other health benefits. You need not laze around to relax. Sit back and just sip a cup of tea.

The best way to consume antioxidants is through food and beverage. The rose lemon tea and winter spice tea can be brewed or steeped in hot water and served hot or cold. Note that the blend carries its delicious flavor so that it doesn’t need honey or sugar. The tea can also be chilled and consumed later. Enjoy this cup of wellness any time of the day as per your need and reap the health goals