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Assorted Green Tea Bags
Flavored Green tea - Assorted Holiday Collection
100% natural Assorted Holiday Green Tea , herbs, fruits, and flowers in green tea  No artif added
Premium Flavored Green Tea Selection - 28 Pyramid Tea Bags with Full Leaves, No Dust or Damage.
Health Benefits of Flavored Green Tea: Detox, Immunity, & Relaxation. 4 Flavors for Optimal Health.
Flavored Green Tea for energy: hot water, 2-3 min steep, serve hot/cold. natural, re-steepable
VA-based FDA-compliant Flavored Green tea .1M+ cups, 90% 5-star Amazon, sugar/gluten/cal-free.
Flavored Green tea - Assorted Holiday Collection 3 pack
Flavored Green tea - Assorted Holiday Collection 50 unit's
Flavored green tea

Assorted Green Tea Bags

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Discover our Assorted Green Tea Sampler, a collection of four exotic, premium leaf tea blends infused with real ingredients, providing a symphony of flavors and health benefits. Our sampler includes 28 pyramid tea bags, individually wrapped in sachets for optimal freshness.

Say Hello to Delicious Wellness Teas

Kashmiri Kahwa
Green Tea

Helps with Digestion & Boost Energy

Turmeric Masala
Green Tea

Boosts Immunity & Helps with Detox

Magic Melon
Green Tea

Helps with Detox & Digestion

Rose Lemon
Herbal Tea

Helps with Anti-Aging & Relaxation

Brew It The Way You Love

Refreshing Hot Brew

For a hot brew, add 1 Pyramid Tea Bag, Pour hot water & close with a lid for 2 to 3 mins & enjoy multiple hot servings. You can refill the cup with hot water or drop it in a teapot for a better experience.

Sooting Iced Teas

For a cold brew, It’s ideal to add 1 Pyramid tea Bag, pour hot water & close it with a lid for 2 to 3 mins & enjoy multiple servings after refrigerating it for some time or by adding ice.

Supercharged Flavoured Water

Our teas taste as flavored water. Remove the tag and drop the teabag in 500ml water. Pour it into a bottle and drink it any time of the day.

What’s So Good About Us!

Premium Leaf Teas

Each tea leaf is meticulously sourced from the tea hills after being examined for freshness and suppleness. Made with 100% natural fruits, herbs, and spices, we bring you the most delicious wellness teas.

Nylon Pyramid Tea Bags

The days of paper bags that tear up in the brew are long gone. With our nylon pyramid tea bags, the exotic teas will stay reinvigorated by retaining the freshness & aroma and brew more quicker.

Pocket-Friendly Sachets

Our teas that come in nylon pyramid tea bags are individually wrapped in premium food-graded sachets to retain the quality and aroma. With this sophisticated packaging, you’ll be able to enjoy the best brew ever possible.


Ginger Bits








Black pepper

Natural flavors


Rose petals

Orange peels

Green tea

Healing Powers of Wellness Teas

Do you know back in the time, natural home remedies were used to cure common ailments?

Our super blends take you back in time to ancient sacred formulas help cure common ailments

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Freshly Brewed in Virginia 

We are US-based premium wellness tea brand bringing nature’s secret to good health and well-being in the form of teas!

Served Over 500K Happy Cups

In a survey conducted by us, Gen Z opted for sweet and herbal tea equally at 67% while Millenials preferred fruit and herbal teas at 72% and 64% respectively.

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