Your Everyday Imbalance can cause
a wide range of ailments 

  • Low Energy & Digestive Issue

  • Low on Immune & Dehydration,

  • Stress Anxiety & Sleep Issues

  • Tired of Supplements & Unhealthy Practices

Four Guardians Tea is the natural way to address your most common ailments. It helps you get back to leading a Natural, Healthier, and Active life!


Four Guardians Tea for everyday Energy, Immune, Relax & Sleep

Our Four Guardians Tea Pack features four distinct blends, each designed to cater to specific moments of your day. From energizing mornings to revitalizing evenings, these blends serve as your guardians of wellness, supporting you every step of the way.

Apple Cinnamon for Morning Energy:
Energizes your morning with its natural sugars and antioxidants. Helps regulate blood
sugar for sustained energy..

Lemon & Ginger for Afternoon Immune Boost:
Boosts your mid-morning immunity with vitamin C from lemon and anti-inflammatory
properties of ginger. Aids digestion and refreshes.

Rooibos for Evening Refreshment:
Perfect for evening refreshment, Rooibos is caffeine-free, calming, and rich in
antioxidants. Supports heart health and blood sugar control.

Winter Spice for Good Sleep:
Promotes good sleep with its calming blend of spices. Aids relaxation and
serves as a comforting end to the day.

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  • Flavours 4
  • Pyramid Tea bags 100
  • Daily Use 4 to 5 Cups

Backed by Science & History

for a balanced lifestyle

Immerse in the world of wellness teas - uniquely tailored to invigorate your mornings, protect your health, refresh your senses, and lull you to sleep. Experience a new dimension of well-being.

  • Thiamin (energy):

    Orange is flooded with thiamin that helps your body turn food into energy.

  • Polyphenols (immunity)

    Black tea is rich in polyphenols which greatly help to promote immune health.

  • Vitamin B3 (detox)

    Ginger is flooded with B3 vitamins which help flush out toxins from the body.

  • Cinnamon extract (sleep)

    Cinnamon relaxes your muscle tension through its vasodilating effect that contributes to peaceful sleep.

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With the Four Guardians Tea Pack, embrace wellness naturally without calories, sugar, or gluten. We prioritize pure and natural choices, ensuring our blends are free from artificial additives and processed ingredients. Savor the goodness of nature and make these teas an integral part of your daily wellness routine.

Loved By Thousands
Served over 1 Million Cups.

Tea Tales

With over 10,000+ satisfied customers, here’s what people have to say about Four Guardian Tea

Health Coach, California

The tea has become my go-to for year-round health and wellness. Each tea offers unique blends catered to my needs, making it a versatile and enjoyable choice.

David Richards | Verified Buyer

Yoga Practitioner, Virginia

The Four Guardian Tea Collections has been a fantastic way to explore natural tea blends tailored for energy, immunity, detox, and sleep. It's a delightful and healthful addition to my daily tea ritual.

Sarah Green. | Verified Buyer

Theraphist, Chicago

This Tea Collections has been an incredible discovery, offering a diverse range of teas that cater to my needs throughout the day. It's a perfect balance of flavor and health benefits.

Dr. Jasmine Patel | Verified Buyer

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A Powerful Synergy Of
Clinically-Proven Ingredients

Unprocessed, genuine ingredients brewed into a promise of wellbeing. Elevate your health, one tea bag at a time.

Ingredients #1


Rich in fiber and antioxidants, aids digestion and fights inflammation.

Ingredients #2


Helps regulate blood sugar, offers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Ingredients #3


Potentially lowers blood pressure, enhances circulation, has anti-inflammatory effects.

Ingredients #4


Eases nausea, reduces muscle pain, aids digestion.

Ingredients #5


May lower blood pressure, rich in antioxidants, possesses diuretic properties.

Ingredients #6


High in Vitamin C, aids digestion, fights oxidative damage.

Ingredients #7


Rich in Vitamin C, aids digestion, improves skin quality, assists weight control.

Ingredients #8


Full of antioxidants, beneficial for heart health, naturally caffeine-free.

Ingredients #9

Black Tea

Provides energy, may reduce cholesterol, benefits heart health via flavonoids.

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Choose Tea, Ditch Pills,
Embrace Wellness

Healthy Choice

Bid adieu to supplements. Sip our tea blends for a healthier, detoxified you.

Four Guardians

  • Made form Natural Ingredients
  • Various Health Benefits
  • Generally safe when consumed
  • Not subject to strict regulations
  • Relatively affordable


  • Usually made from synthetic
  • Specific health benefit
  • Can Have Side effects
  • Have impurities or contaminants
  • Can be expensive
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