Losing Weight Is Now Anybody's Cup Of Tea

Losing Weight Is Now Anybody's Cup Of Tea


Weight loss is not something you can pull off in a day or within a few weeks. It is a process that demands a lot of time, effort, and consistency. What do you think is the important part of a weight-loss journey? Patience? Hardcore exercises? Diet? Mindful eating? Yoga? Consistency?

Well, whichever option you choose, you are right. Because all these aspects are important for a weight loss journey. In better words, a balance of all these is the key feature. Therefore, when you start on your weight loss journey, make sure you tick all the boxes. We are here to make this journey easier with our wellness tea blends that aid in weight loss.

Whether you are getting ready for your daily walk, or on your intermittent fasting, or just completed your workout, Apple Cinnamon Black Tea and Rose Lemon Herbal Tea are the perfect blends that fit any part of your weight loss routine. It helps you feel full, breaks down excess fat, and boosts energy use, among many other benefits, helping in your journey towards getting fit. Let’s have a look at these wonderful brews that help to lose the extra fat and keep you fit.


Apple and cinnamon are two commonly found ingredients in our households. As the old saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Both Apple and cinnamon have distinct health benefits and are highly nutritious. In terms of weight loss, apple and cinnamon combined with other herbs like black tea and hibiscus are believed to be beneficial. Besides, black tea boosts heart health with its anti-inflammatory properties. As an addition, hibiscus infused in black tea helps in hair growth. Cinnamon is a healthy spice with anti-viral properties that help in boosting immunity. Need an add-on? You have your space filled with the aroma of baked apples and sharp notes of cinnamon. Shed the fat with a sip of Apple Cinnamon Black Tea every day.


This cup of Rose Lemon tea with herbal benefits is pure bliss for people with weight loss goals. The rose and lemon are a happy and refreshing combination that not only aids weight loss, also elevates the mood and relieves tension. One of its ingredients is green tea, packed with antioxidants, that speed up the metabolism and burn the fat fast. Rose lemon herbal tea is also laced with rose petals and orange peels which are rich in vitamin c. This helps in reducing anxiety along with giving healthy and shiny skin. The addition of hibiscus is a surprise ingredient that helps in hair growth and builds immunity. The rose lemon herbal tea is the best tea to add to your diet if you are looking to lose weight without losing health. This floral mix of blends is a perfect drink to both refresh and shred the pounds on the go. 


Nobody likes to carry that extra weight, right? Extra fat and unwanted body weight can wreak havoc with your lifestyle. Packed with antioxidants, green tea and black tea are not only effective in weight loss but also in maintaining your weight. Green tea activates norepinephrine, a fat-burning hormone. It thus burns fat when you exercise. Consuming green tea also helps you to restrain from unhealthy snacks. Black tea, on the other hand, helps to reduce the ‘bad cholesterol’ and thus boosts heart health along with aiding in shedding weight. One should always remember that overall wellness is essential while losing weight. The body needs the necessary nutrients which are loaded in other herbal ingredients like hibiscus, cinnamon, apple, and rose petals. And such healthy herbs and antioxidant-rich tea brew into a lovely combo of immunity builder and a weight loss drink.


The best way to consume antioxidants is through food and beverage. The rose lemon and apple cinnamon tea can be brewed or steeped in hot water and served hot or cold. Note that the blend carries its delicious flavor so that it doesn’t need honey for sugar. The tea can also be chilled and consumed later. Enjoy this cup of wellness any time of the day as per your need and reap the health goals.