Why do we love our tea?

why do we love our tea

Are you wondering why we love our teas? It's easy - we fell in love with building a world of wellness and wanted to approach everything in a simple and authentic way for all of you.

Let's see how it all started. Teaniru's founders and co-founders came across that growing up with their Tea cultural heritage, brewed teas with a symphony of wild herbs and botanicals did miracles in easing their everyday ailments and raising their spirits.

Teaniru reimagines the healing drinks of their heritage, where tea wisdom and healing super-drinks meet big fruit flavors and herbs because better health should be as simple as a one-step beverage and as delicious as heaven in a drink.

We wanted to keep the process natural and organic, ensuring that our teas come directly from Mother Earth to your cup. We enjoy being part of this healthy process, and it gives us a 'happy energy'.

So, we just wanted to show you why we love our tea and how we differ from others. Without further ado, let's dive right into it.


Natural and organic

To better understand Teaniru’s wellness tea process, it's important to first understand the basics like the differences between natural and organic teas. 

While natural teas use ingredients picked from nature, Most of the Tea brands (including popular ones) do not necessarily follow sustainable farming practices or restrict the usage of artificial chemicals and fertilizers. As a result, they are not certified by any authorities, making them less reliable and secure for the general public.

Organic teas, on the other hand ( from Teaniru), are formulated entirely with organically farmed ingredients that are harmless for your body and health. We follow sustainable farming practices and restrict the usage of any toxic chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides in our production. These teas are highly effective and are tested for quality and safety by a body of authorities before being certified as "organic".

Incorporating organic wellness teas into your diet can benefit both the planet and your body, allowing you to enjoy a healthy life without facing any damaging effects in the long run.

What are dust teas and low-grade teas?

What are low-grade teas? Fannings and dust are considered the lowest grades of tea, separated from broken-leaf teas which have larger pieces of the leaves.

What is dust tea? The term makes it sound far worse than it actually is. Tea dust is a tea grade that is essentially a byproduct of the manufacture of loose-leaf tea. Tea is crushed, squeezed, and rolled. Bits fall off because they're so dry. Collect those leftovers and you'll have tea dust.


Teaniru’s Premium Whole leaf teas

Whole-leaf tea basically is made from unbroken tea leaves, preserving the natural flavors and health benefits. 

We completely provide premium whole leaf hand-picked and processed to maintain the natural oils and compounds, making it of higher quality than other teas. 

So that our teas release full flavor and aroma when brewed and are packed with antioxidants and beneficial compounds that can help promote overall health and well-being. These antioxidants may help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and certain cancers.


Why Teaniru chose Pyramid Teabags?

Whole-leaf tea in pyramid tea bags combines the convenience of tea bags with the high quality and flavor of whole-leaf tea. The pyramid shape allows for more flavor and aroma, offering a satisfying tea experience. 

Teaniru chose pyramid teabags as it's convenient for on-the-go and for those who prefer tea without the fuss of loose-leaf tea. It's a high-quality and flavorful option for tea lovers.

Food scientists and tea experts behind the healthy drink curation

To begin, tea experts and food scientists start by selecting high-quality tea leaves from reputable sources. They then experiment with different combinations of tea leaves, herbs, and spices to create a desired flavor profile.

The health benefits of each ingredient are also considered, and they make sure that the tea blend has maximum benefits.

Tea experts and food scientists may conduct sensory tests and chemical analyses to ensure that the tea blend is safe and of high quality. They also take into account the origin and processing method of the tea leaves, which can significantly impact the flavor and aroma of the tea.

It's all tea love

We love our teas because we believe in the process of simplicity and authenticity that is built on trust and humanity.

Tea is a traditional medicine, and it often tastes like one. However, Teaniru strikes a perfect balance between organic natural sweeteners with real fruits and herbs. Our teas are also curated to meet individual needs and provide benefits beyond just a delicious taste.

We offer medicinal wellness teas that don't taste like medicine but still treat the body the way it needs to be treated.

We are proud to own this process and be a part of a community that values nature, organic, and authentic wellness.

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