The Top Reasons to Switch to Pyramid Teabag

top reason to use pyramid tea bag


If you're a tea lover, you've probably come across pyramid tea bag at some point. They're those little bags that look like miniature pyramids and have taken the tea world by storm. But, what exactly are pyramid tea bags, and what makes them so special? In this blog post, we'll answer all your questions about this unique tea bag and explore its uses


What are pyramid tea bag?

Pyramid tea bags are a modern tea bag design that has gained popularity in recent years. They're made of a transparent, mesh-like material that's shaped like a pyramid. This shape allows for more space within the tea bag, giving the tea leaves more room to unfurl and release their flavor and aroma.


One of the key advantages of pyramid tea bags is that they allow the tea leaves to expand and move around more freely as the water boils. This results in a more robust flavor and aroma, similar to that of loose leaf tea.

History of pyramid tea bag

The history of pyramid tea bags dates back to the early 1990s when they were first introduced as a new and innovative way to brew tea. 


Unlike traditional flat teabags, pyramid teabags are designed with a spacious shape that allows the tea leaves to fully expand and infuse, resulting in a more flavorful cup of tea. This design quickly gained popularity among tea enthusiasts and has since become a common choice for many tea brands around the world. 


Who invented pyramid tea bag? 

The invention of pyramid tea bag is credited to a British company called Teapigs. They introduced this unique design in 2005, aiming to enhance the quality and taste of tea by allowing the leaves to move and infuse more freely within the bag. 


This innovation revolutionized the tea industry and sparked a trend that continues to thrive today. 

How to brew perfectly with a pyramid tea bag? 

To brew a perfect cup of tea with a pyramid tea bag, start by boiling fresh water and allowing it to cool slightly. Place the pyramid tea bag in your cup or teapot, and pour the hot water over it. 

Let the tea steep for the recommended time, usually 3-5 minutes, to allow the flavors to fully develop. Finally, remove the tea bag and enjoy your delicious and aromatic cup of tea. Remember to adjust steeping time pyramid tea bags


Convenience Over Everything 

Travelling constantly in a tiny home like an RV means you are going to put convenience over everything else. You will need something that doesn’t take a lot of your time and space.

Unfortunately, when it comes to drinks, you either need bulky equipment that takes up a lot of your counter space or as most people do, you will rely on store-bought ones that aren’t always healthy. Well, you do not have to do this anymore because our teas are made specifically for your convenience.


Here’s how:

  • The pyramid tea bags are light and travel-friendly.
  • Ready to drink tea in 2 minutes.
  • They do not take up a lot of your precious cabinet storage since they come in a food-grade zip lock pouch with 25 tea bags.
  • Our wellness boxes come in individually wrapped sachets that are especially easy to store.
  • You can brew a cup of hot tea in just 2 minutes and it requires minimum effort on your side while also giving you maximum health benefits. 
  • Another advantage of our pyramid  tea bags is that they can be re-steeped up to 3 times.
  • You can make hot tea with the first steep and then later you could drop them into your water bottle and drink flavored tea on the go throughout the day. 


    Final Thoughts

    Our teas offer ultimate convenience without compromising on health. Enjoy your favorite flavors hassle-free and elevate your sipping experience. Embrace the ease of brewing and savor every sip, knowing it's made just for you.

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