Pyramid Tea Bags: Your Triangles Of Wellness

pyramid tea bags
The soft wind whipping through your hair as you roll your windows down and drive across the country has got to be one of the best feelings in the world. There's nothing better than just aimlessly cruising through the dusty roads, as you take in the beautiful scenery from concrete jungles to rolling hills and wide open corn fields. 

But being on the road also comes with its own set of struggles. Not having the means to take proper care of your body is one. We think that you should never have to compromise your health and wellness. 

Now, we know what you're thinking. “I don't have the time!!” Well, you don't have to worry about it when we are here. Teaniru brings you easy and quick-to-brew wellness teas that will keep your physical and emotional health in check. This efficiency of our teas can be attributed to our pyramid tea bags

If you are a seasoned tea lover, we’re sure you've might know about this previously but for those of you who are new, this is your introduction to the unique type of tea bag. 

What is a Pyramid Tea bag

Pyramid tea bags are a relatively newer invention– from 1997 specifically– and have completely changed the way we look at tea bags. Made of nylon, our tetrahedral-shaped bags are scientifically proven to take a shorter time to brew and also make your tea taste better.

This is because their shape allows for more tea leaves to be packed and their porous nature allows for a quicker and more concentrated brew. They are far better than regular tea bags. 

Convenience Over Everything 

Travelling constantly in a tiny home like an RV means you are going to put convenience over everything else. You will need something that doesn’t take a lot of your time and space.

Unfortunately, when it comes to drinks, you either need bulky equipment that takes up a lot of your counter space or as most people do, you will rely on store-bought ones that aren’t always healthy. Well, you do not have to do this anymore because our teas are made specifically for your convenience.

Here’s how:
    • The pyramid tea bags are light and travel-friendly.
    • Ready to drink tea in 2 minutes.
    • They do not take up a lot of your precious cabinet storage since they come in a food-grade zip-lock pouch with 25 tea bags.
    • Our wellness boxes come in individually wrapped sachets that are especially easy to store.
    • You can brew a cup of hot tea in just 2 minutes and it requires minimum effort on your side while also giving you maximum health benefits. 
    • Another advantage of our tea bags is that they can be re-steeped up to 3 times.
    • You can make hot tea with the first steep and then later you could drop them into your water bottle and drink flavored tea on the go throughout the day.

Pyramid tea bags vs Regular tea bags

Our Pyramid tea bags
Regular tea bags
Tetrahedral shaped 
Rectangular or circular shaped 
Packed with premium tea leaves 
Contains tea dust and fanning's
Quicker brew time
Takes a long time to brew
Concentrated tea  
Dilute tea
Flavorful tea 
Bland teas
More durable 
susceptible to wear and tear 
Ample space for leaves to unfurl
No space for leaves to unfurl

What's Special About Teaniru’s Teas? 

Our teas are a blend of premium tea leaves, fruit bits, herbs, and spices. Wrapping these all-natural ingredients in a regular tea bag would mean that you would not be getting the best product that is useful for you.

Instead, with pyramid tea bags, you will be getting the best possible brew because, when you pour hot water over the bag, it balloons up allowing the leaves to unfurl, swirl inside and move around freely. It almost mimics the similar physics behind a tea infuser or a teapot. The water completely soaks up the essence of our herbal ingredients and flavorful, fragrant tea that leaves you feeling healthy and robust. 

Choose Teaniru for Your Everyday wellness

Our brand was built on a single goal: to make healthy wellness teas that are accessible and affordable to everyone everywhere. In this regard, we have conducted numerous research and searched far and wide to bring to your cup the best tasting and health-boosting teas. Wellness is now as easy as popping our pyramid tea bags in a cup and enjoying it as you go cruising over the horizon. Happy RVing!!