Flush Out The Toxins With Detox Teas

Detox Teas

Our lifestyle keeps changing and is getting faster day by day. It is consumed by pollution, fast foods, parties, stress, overworking and what not! We run so much that we often forget to stay healthy to keep running. Remember, only when you take care of your body will it take care of you. And that’s exactly why you should detox.

What’s detox? Detoxification is a process during which you get rid of your toxin load, cleanse your body, and let it rest. To begin your detox journey, first ask yourself, ‘are you eating healthy?’ Because studies say, if you are eating healthy, your body will self-cleanse and self-heal by itself. Detox is as simple as that. 

Further, detox works in two ways. One is to kick start your detox routine by lightening up your toxic load. You have got to give up on stimulants like alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, and avoid processed foods. The other way is to cleanse your body by practicing certain mindful ways. For instance, people used to follow methods like fasting, enemas, and sweat lodges to detoxify their bodies and minds. Nowadays, while people still indulge in different kinds of fasting methods that suits their body, they also alter their intake routine and eating habits. Likewise, along with your other daily detox routines, adding a cup of Muskmelon Tea or Lemon Ginger Tea will work wonderfully in the detox process of body and mind. 


Bathe in the morning sun! Feel the fresh air! Lighten up! De-tox! Though we often consider muskmelon to be just a delicious summer snack, there is more to it than what meets the eye.  According to the book, ‘Healing Foods’, muskmelon is extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin A, which helps in flushing toxins from the body. Together, it aids digestion and is rich in fiber. Green tea, a superfood, acts as a natural flush for your system. Hibiscus, the gorgeous tropical flower with its red hue, aids in lowering blood pressure and strengthening hair roots. Detox your mind and body and make yourself much happier by sipping our Magic Melon Green Tea.


It's time to add more to life. Experts tell you, ‘Make healthier choices and manage your lifestyle better’. One such choice is choosing food that offers to detox the mind and body naturally and healthily. Take Lemon Ginger tea, it flushes out the toxins in the body and soothes your senses, giving you a feeling of wellbeing. Choosing Lemon Ginger Black Tea is the healthy twist you give your lifestyle. The vitamin C in lemon aids in flushing out the toxins and cleanses your liver. Ginger, the miracle root, is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants to help you through the detoxification process. Be all ready to be pretty and handsome and super refreshing with Lemon Ginger Black Tea. Make your sip healthy with this zesty and sharp flavors of Lemon Ginger Black Tea.


At times, we need to give our body and mind a dab. As we take our bodies very lightly, most of us ignore the signals it gives us until we reach the emergency point. Our lifestyle and peer pressure is also a factor that restrains us from making time. But there is a dire need to understand the importance of detoxification. We have simple and healthy choices to detox our bodies and minds. The Muskmelon Green Tea is surely magic by itself in detoxifying our system. The fruity and fresh aroma fuels your sense and gives fresh thoughts. The delightful combination of ginger and lemon in the Lemon Ginger Black Tea helps to improve the blood flow and spirits you up for the day. Both Muskmelon Green Tea and Lemon Ginger Black Tea are the best detox teas to cleanse your mind and body and lead a healthier lifestyle.


The best way to consume antioxidants is through food and beverage. The Lemon Ginger Black Tea and Magic Melon Green Tea can be brewed or steeped in hot water and served hot or cold. Note that the blend carries its own delicious flavor so that it doesn’t need honey or sugar. The tea can also be chilled and consumed later. Enjoy this cup of wellness any time of the day as per your need and reap the health goals.