Steeped in Love: Father's Day Tea Gift Guide

Fathers day gift guide

We understand that June can be an incredibly hectic time, filled with projects, finals, and a flurry of activities. However, rest assured, we have your back!

We have compiled the best Father’s Day gift guide for all TEA-LOVING DADS. Gift-tea box that perfectly encapsulates a different aspect of how your father has affected your life over the years.

We have curated an everyday wellness experience known as 4G, consisting of four guardians that protect your father around the clock. 

These guardians are crafted using all-natural and organic tea leaves, fruits, and herbs, backed by scientific research and theories.

Discover the secret energy drink for your superhero and gift him a complete day of revitalization and well-being.


Things Dad never knew he needed!

We've got you covered if you were wondering about what your dad could need. 


For all the dads: Whether your loved one is already a father or is about to become one, has a busy life, spends in sports, a corporate career, or is just retired. Isn't good health all Dad needs?

To be really clear with you here,


A future or new father will experience an emotional roller coaster along with their busy lives.


Dad leading a business life: Balancing work and family life would undoubtedly be challenging.


Dad in retirement - After all the stress and health problems, all dads in retirement would hope for peace and tranquility.


Dad must therefore take care of their health, as is plain and clear. So why not give your superhero the secret energy drink that he requires? 


Everyone is aware that he is unable to take care of their health. That is why we picked carefully the guardians, not only for protection over Dad but also to deal with his daily health needs.


Learn more about 4G and how it functions like a sneaky energy drink.


The Perfect cup that your dad would love to wake up for – a harmonious fusion of the Four Guardians! This extraordinary organic blend is the perfect gift for  tea-loving dads.


Give your dad the gift of a flavorful and energizing start to his special day with the Four Guardians blend – a true delight for the senses.


The morning drink your dad needs

Let your super cool dad start his day with a special tea infused with black tea, apple, and cinnamon.


Apple cinnamon black tea helps him to boost his energy, enhances his well-being, and keeps him focused. This gift symbolizes that you would go bat for your dad, just mirroring his love.


Boost his immunity with your love 

Surprise your dad with a revitalizing blend of lemon ginger black tea, packed with potential health benefits. 

From boosting digestion to uplifting his mood, this delightful mid-morning drink is the perfect way to show how much you care about his well-being. Give him the gift of relaxation, revitalization, and a moment of pure enjoyment on his special day.


Glow up your dad on his day

Treat your dad to the soothing and nourishing gift of rooibos orange herbal tea. It supports his digestive health, boosts his immune system, and promotes relaxation.


With its soothing properties and antioxidant-rich blend, it's the ideal gift to make him shine inside and out. Show your dad how much you care with the gift of Rooibos orange tea.


Cool down your busiest dad

That Superhero is always busy and active, let us help him with a comforting gift that brings warmth and relaxation with the delightful blend of cardamom cinnamon ginger black tea, infused with winter spices.


This night drink offers potential health benefits, soothing digestion, reducing inflammation, and supporting his immune system. Let the hectic lives of dads find calm and relaxation with this aromatic blend. 


These four amazing blends come in a single pack that will ensure your dad's health from morning to night, in a natural and organic way. Gift your dad the healthy unusual.


Here are Additional tips that you need to know 

  •  Find your Dad’s tea taste, like what’s his favorite tea like green tea, black tea or herbal tea? something else too
  •  Show your dad you care about his well-being by gifting him teas tailored to his specific body needs.
  •  Explore Teaniru's website for a wide variety of teas that your dad is sure to love.