Boost Your Energy with Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea

Do you need a little nudge in the morning? Are you looking for a tea to help you through the long busy week? Well, you have reached the right place. The herbal blends from the ranges of Teaniru aim at increasing energy and alertness. Commonly, a little boost is all you need to get going. These teas are known for their bold flavor that offers to boost your energy levels. Our blends are crafted to create a sustained elevated mood and energy level. Try these energy-boosting teas for yourself and reap the wellness benefits they offer!


Are you looking for something to perk you up in the morning or power you through the long day and into the night? Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea is a great option for a boost to get you going through the day. The word ‘Kahwa’ derives from the Arabic word ‘Qahwah’, which means aromatic beverage. In Kashmiri, ‘Kahwa’ means sweetened tea. Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea is loaded with several ingredients. It includes delectable spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, saffron and rose petals. These give a rich flavor and instant energy. The perfect balance of green tea with saffron - refreshes, rejuvenates and energizes. This herbal drink made with rare and organic spices is a special tea. It is known for its deliciousness and refreshing quality to help you stay stress-free, tingle your happy hormones, and keep the worries off your shoulders.



One reason to drink Lemon Ginger Black tea is that it is power-packed with components that keep your spirits high all time of day. Lemon Ginger Black Tea is a hearty breakfast blend that can fill your day with all zeal and energy. The blend includes ingredients like lemon peels, black tea, and ginger bits that hold up to a good energizing cup. Lemon and Ginger are popular energizing and refreshing ingredients used in all households for ages. The zesty aroma with a tangy taste gives your more focus and clarity. Its addictive flavor promises an experience that gives an energizing effect. Pour yourself a cup of this delicious, lovely flavor to enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting energy boost.



Generally, when it comes to energy, people mostly reach out to a cup of coffee. Do you know we can energize with a cup of tea too?  Yes, the times are changing. The world has started to reach out to tea for energy as well as other health benefits. The benefit of consuming tea is that it has health benefits that coffee doesn’t offer in order to spruce up the energy. 

The herbal blends of Kashmiri Kahwa and Lemon Ginger teas include the goodness of green and black teas to increase the energy levels without the jitters. Green tea, an awakening ingredient, helps with energy and endurance. Black tea, along with other herbs, helps to balance out the energy boost. Licorice is another strong ingredient in Kashmiri Kahwa tea that stimulates the adrenal glands to boost energy and increase blood flow. In turn, the increased blood flow boosts energy levels. The delightful combination of ginger and lemon in the Lemon Ginger Black Tea helps to improve the blood flow and helps to spirit up for the day. Both Kashmiri Kahwa and Lemon Ginger teas are the best energy-boosting drinks. They contain high concentrations of healthy herbal components to ensure you get the energy boost you are looking for. Whether you prefer spicy flavor or earthy notes with a sweet or tangy taste, these teas are perfect to start your mornings or to get ready for a pick-me-up in the evening mood.


The best way to consume antioxidants is through food and beverage. The Lemon Ginger and Kashmiri Kahwa teas can be brewed or steeped in hot water and served hot or cold. Note that the blend carries its own delicious flavor so that it doesn’t need honey or sugar. The tea can also be chilled and consumed later. Enjoy this cup of wellness any time of the day as per your need and reap the health goals.