Easy Summer Festive Tea Recipe: Rose Lemon Berry with Boba

Easy Summer Festive Tea Recipe: Rose Lemon Berry with Boba

Hey there, fellow tea lovers! If you're looking for a fun and colorful way to beat the summer heat, we've got just the recipe for you. Our Rose Lemon Berry Tea with Boba and Cotton Candy is not only a feast for the eyes, but it's also a delicious and potentially beneficial drink that you can enjoy on a hot summer day.

Made with fresh berries, chewy boba pearls, and a fluffy cloud of cotton candy on top, this drink is as fun to make as it is to drink. Plus, the rose lemon tea provides potential health benefits like improved digestion and hydration, while the berries and boba pearls add a touch of natural sweetness and texture.

In this blog post, we'll walk you through the steps to make this refreshing drink at home, and we'll also discuss some of the potential health benefits of the ingredients. So grab your teapot and let's get started!


Why Rose Lemon Tea in Summer?

Rose lemon tea can be a refreshing and cooling drink to enjoy during the summer months for several reasons. Firstly, rose has natural cooling properties, which can help to reduce body heat and promote relaxation. 

Secondly, lemon provides a tart and tangy flavor that can be especially refreshing on hot summer days. Additionally, rose lemon tea can provide potential health benefits, such as improved digestion and hydration, which can be especially important during the summer when the body may need more fluids. 

Overall, rose lemon tea can be a delicious and beneficial way to quench your thirst and stay cool during the summer.

Rose lemon benefits your skin and…

Rose lemon tea has potential health benefits due to its natural ingredients. The antioxidants in rose petals can help to reduce inflammation and protect the body from free radicals, while lemon provides vitamin C and has antibacterial properties.

Other potential benefits include improved digestion, hydration, and mental clarity. Rose lemon tea may also promote relaxation and reduce stress levels. In terms of skin health, rose lemon tea may provide anti-aging benefits by protecting the skin from free radicals and promoting collagen production. 

It may also soothe and calm irritated skin, as well as keep the skin hydrated and glowing. Overall, rose lemon tea is a delicious and potentially beneficial drink for both overall health and skin health.

Let's Get Started.


  • 2 rose lemon tea bags
  • 1 cup fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or a combination)
  • 1 tablespoon sugar crystals
  • 1/2 cup boba pearls
  • 1 cup sprite
  • 1 tablespoon pink sugar glitter
  • Cotton candy, for garnish
  • Ice Cubes


  1. Brew the rose lemon tea by heating water in a jug and pour it into a teapot with the tea bags. Let it steep for 5-7 minutes, then remove the tea bags and let the tea cool.
  2. In a glass, add the fresh berries and sugar crystals, and mash them with a muddler.
  3. Fill the glass with ice cubes and place sliced strawberries along the sides of the glass.
  4. Pour in the Sprite and the cooled rose lemon tea, then add the boba pearls and stir the mixture.
  5. Sprinkle pink sugar glitter on top and garnish with cotton candy.


This recipe is not only visually stunning, but it also has potential health benefits. Berries are a great source of antioxidants and vitamins, while boba pearls can provide a fun and chewy texture. 

The rose lemon tea may also provide a natural boost of energy and mental clarity. Other potential benefits may include improved digestion and hydration from the Sprite and the water content in the fresh ingredients.

Other potential benefits of this recipe could include:

  1. Increased intake of fruits and vegetables
  2. Potential anti-inflammatory benefits from the berries and tea
  3. A fun and enjoyable way to hydrate and stay refreshed
  4. A treat for the senses with its various colors, textures, and flavors.

Are you curious to know the taste?

The Rose Lemon Berry Tea with Boba and Cotton Candy recipe will likely have a sweet and tangy taste with a fun and chewy texture from the boba pearls. 

The rose and lemon flavors in the tea will provide a light and refreshing taste, while the addition of fresh berries will add a natural sweetness. 

The sugar crystals and pink sugar glitter will also add a touch of sweetness and sparkle to the drink. Overall, this recipe is a fun and visually stunning way to enjoy a refreshing drink on a hot day.


Watch and Learn

Looking for a helpful guide to create a delightful Rose Lemon Tea with  berries and boba ? Look no further than this video tutorial that will walk you through each step of the process.


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