Amazon Subscribe & Save: Is it Worth your Money and Time?

Amazon Subscribe and save

Have you ever run out of toothpaste, baby wipes, or your everyday morning drink as you were about to grab them? If not, you are the luckiest, trust me when I say this. 

The sinking feeling of discovering that you do not have a required product in stock is nothing short of a dreadful experience. Also, shopping for groceries and other essentials in a hectic schedule is very tough, especially for bulk items like toilet paper, dog food, detergents, coffee powder, and tea bags.  

Well, fret not! With the advent of Amazon Subscribe and Save, everything comes in handy. You will be delivered with the items on time regularly before even used up till the end. Furthermore, Amazon subscriptions let you save more money and be convenient and time-saving.

Saving, wherever possible, is not a bad thing. So scroll down to learn more to save time, money, and energy with subscribe and save. 


What Exactly is Amazon Subscribe and Save? 

Have you ever wondered what it is while shopping on Amazon’s online store?

Amazon Subscribe & Save is a subscription program that allows you to schedule regular shipments of products on a weekly or monthly basis. This feature is perfect for supplies that are used frequently such as food, drink, toiletries, and health products. Amazon Subscription offers up to 15% off the regular price and free shipping.

According to the latest article by Amazon on May 2023, it is said that the program has tens of millions of global subscribers with hundreds of millions of subscriptions. These customers never run out of things, they reorder most, like cleaning supplies, tea, coffee, dog food, diapers, and toilet supplies. 

How Does Subscribe and Save Work?

With thousands of items and products added daily, Amazon's Subscribe and Save function is easy to use. While it is not necessary for you to be a prime member to opt for subscribe and save, you just need to begin with the following procedures to sign up for one. 


  1. Pick the required item from the ocean of products listed 
  2. Navigate to the detail page of the product 
  3. Select “Subscribe and Save” instead of “One Time Purchase” 
  4. Choose the quantity and schedule that work for you 

You are good to go with the subscription, and don’t worry you aren’t obliged to any contract. You can always change the subscription with the “Manage Your Subscription” option. Upon setting up your subscriptions, Amazon will send you regular email reminders of when your order will be shipped and how much money you save.

Unlock Savings with Amazon Subscribe and Save 

Amazon frequently runs promotions on Subscribe and Save items, offering extra discounts on certain products. Moreover, brands offer up to 50% off when purchasing a subscription for the first time. Subscribing will therefore, save you up to 10% off each month. By bundling up to five items, you can save 15%.

Who wouldn't want the convenience of auto-delivery and the savings on everyday essentials that come with it? No way will I miss it, and no way will you! Take advantage of this feature today to save more, and you will not regret it. 

What If I Wish to Cancel or Make Changes to My Subscriptions?

Well, that’s a very big YES. You can cancel your subscriptions or change them anytime you wish; it is an easy process. In advance of each delivery, Amazon will send you a reminder email of your upcoming delivery. You can always cancel your subscriptions at any time.

Not only cancellations, you can skip deliveries and change the quantity of the product, frequency, delivery date, and payment method. All these options are available under one roof called “Manage Your Subscription”, with a click you can make the desired changes. 

And guess what? You are not obliged to penalty. 

Is Amazon Subscribe & Save Worth it?

Absolutely YES! Subscribing and saving is an excellent way to save money, time, and energy. The service offers more discounts and exclusive benefits, which can save you money. Furthermore, these subscriptions can save you time and energy by eliminating the need to shop for the products without leaving your house. 

Beyond this, the surprising benefit of subscribing and saving is good health. How about hearing me say that with subscribe and save you're on a healthy lifestyle? Yes, you heard it right!  As you subscribe to healthy products, you start living a healthy lifestyle since you are habitually exposed to them through a subscription. 

You start to make healthier choices without even thinking about it. In the long run, this results in improved health and overall well-being. In order to be a support to you in this journey, Teaniru - a wellness tea brand offers you 50% off with a subscription on all their variety of wellness teas. Try out their subscriptions today and experience the many benefits of a healthier lifestyle while saving more!

Final Thoughts 

Your needs are met automatically with subscribe and save while you are kept up to date. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the convenience of saving time, energy, and money by subscribing and saving essential products. 

Watch out, we warn you! Choose your products wisely to lead a healthy lifestyle.