5 Things to Include in Your Halloween Goodie Bags

5 Things to Include in Your Halloween Goodie Bags

The season of ghouls and ghosts is here and with it comes the anxieties of decorating your house, hosting a party, and giving treats. While you may have already covered these big things, goodie bags are always something most hosts forget. While it may be true that trick-or-treat bags are for the kids, more adult-gifts curated bags for your spookily-dressed guests is always well-appreciated.

You can keep up the Halloween theme in your gifts or you can buy things that may be useful to them for the coming winter and snow. Here’s how you can create your goodie bags with things that will go hand in hand with the Halloween trends. Read below to know more. 


While candies may be reserved for kids, cookies are beloved by all age groups and are a perfect choice for your goodie bag. Halloween-themed cookies add a bit more of the festive spirit to your collection. 

Caramel Apple

There is no better way to celebrate Fall and Halloween than with a caramel apple. The sweet and salty caramel along with the tartness of the apple is the perfect combination and including this to your bag will add a balance to the sweet cookies.


Coffee and Tea mugs are a great option all year round. But, during the cold and snowy winter season, a warm mug of your favorite drink is perfect to ward off all the blues. And a perfect mug makes the perfect tea. Yes, it's all about the aesthetics people. If you’re going to have tea why not have it in a beautiful mug? Gifting a mug will definitely make your guest’s drinking experience a lot better.

Teaniru’s Halloween Spice Tea Collection

You’ve given them the perfect mug, now why not give them the perfect tea too? Our carefully selected spice tea collection is the best gift to keep up the festive spirit while also preparing your guests for the oncoming seasonal illness. The collection has three flavors, Apple Cinnamon Black Tea, Lemon Ginger Black Tea, and Winter Spice Black tea. Our teas are 100% natural and are the only beverages you will need to keep yourself warm, energized, and ready to fight cold and flu. 


Candles are always a thoughtful addition to a gift bag. Many people use candles to relax and unwind from their busy days. With chilly days ahead of us, candles are perfect to create a warm and fuzzy feeling in everyone’s homes. 

Final Thoughts

Hosting a party is an extremely chaotic task and requires a lot of attention and effort. A goodie bag is the smallest thing that you can do to leave a huge impression in the minds of your guests. It can be a care package thanking your guests for taking the time out of their day and celebrating the occasion with you. And we are here to help you fulfill exactly that.