5 Perfect Teas You Need to Add to Your List for Thanksgiving


Halloween is long gone and November is finally here. As we add more layers to our fashion, we are also getting ready for America’s second favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. The day of feasting and festivities is here and we’re all as ready as we'll ever be. Golden brown roasted turkey, perfect mashed potatoes and creamy gravy, sweet potato and corn casseroles, pecan pie…

ooooh, my mouth is drooling already and we’re still a few weeks away from it. 

I am sure we are all eagerly waiting for all the eating but what about the drinks? No, I'm not talking about the alcoholic ones. I'm talking about teas, of course. A drink of choice for any event since ancient times, teas are slowly coming back to be loved and recognized now. Their health benefits are just too long to be able to fit into a blog. But for today’s sake, here are 5  Thanksgiving teas that we believe are perfect for your festive routine. 

Apple Cinnamon Black Tea  

The morning of Thanksgiving day is probably the most chaotic and busy Thursday you’ll ever come across.  It is going to take every ounce of strength you can muster to get through all the tasks at hand. If you are looking for a natural energy booster, don't look any further than our Apple Cinnamon Black Tea. It powers you up through all your chores and the added cinnamon and apple flavors will give you a fresh and sweet beginning to the day. 

Rose Lemon Herbal Tea

Thanksgiving dinner is the biggest highlight of the day where families and friends come together to converse and have fun over food and drinks. Rose Lemon Herbal Tea is the perfect tea to welcome all your guests since the sweet and fresh aroma of roses will get everyone relaxed and in a great mood for conversation. 

Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea

Heavy dinners are followed by a feeling of a bloated stomach and overall unease. To relieve you from all the discomfort, Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea is your only fix. Packed with all the essential spices, this tea is the perfect addition to your pantry for all the eating you're going to be doing this festive season. Brew a hot cup and be lighter and healthier than ever. 

Lemon Ginger Black Tea

Are you feeling a little unhealthy after all the potatoes and apple pies? Lemon Ginger Black Tea is the solution you are looking for. It detoxes away all the excess toxins and fat you may have consumed over the festivities and also boosts your immunity for the winter that will follow soon.

Winter Spice Black Tea

Thanksgiving brings with it chilly weather and light snowfall. To tackle it, you are going to need a warm and spicy tea that leaves you feeling toasty, and we recommend Winter Spice Black Tea. Packed with the goodness of the holy trinity of winter spices: cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger, this tea blend is an indispensable weapon in your winter arsenal. Enjoy your cuppa as you relax after your long day of socializing. 

Final Words

The season of sharing joy and love is here. Celebrate it while taking care of your overall physical well-being with our teas. You can eat as much as you want, we have got you covered in the after-effects of the festivities. Visit our website and purchase your favorite teas now!